Shipping & Returns

The easiest way of course would be to pick up the work(s) yourself, upon appointment. If you dispose over an account with a courier service we are able to send you the work(s) thereon or we can ship them directly to you in the most beneficial way, and this always insured, a cost taken care of by the customer. Once the merchandise has been sent, we will send you a tracking number on your email address. We do not send any merchandise to a P.O.Box address. Since shipping costs may vary according to the type of work purchased, we will notify you hereof once the order has been received. The shipping and insurance costs, as well as eventual toll costs or costs incurred by damage will not be reimbursed. Please find here forward some standard example for shipping costs for a cylinder containing up to 5 art prints totalling a maximum of 3000€.

Please find hereunder some guidelines as to shipping costs:

- 15€ within Belgium

- 30-60€ within the EU and EEC

- 60-80 within Europe, 70€ to the US and Canada

- 100-120€ to Australia and Japan.

The following prices are only indicative and not definite. The final price of costs, including those of shipment will be determined upon purchase. On all purchases above 3000€ an additional charge of 100€ will be added onto the insurance price